Enhanced usability of Resources


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Hi, I'm evaluating Xenforo for a client and we have some questions..

The forum side of things is great. We wanted a responsive forum and xenForo does this nicely 'out the box' which we love.

However the site needs to have other features that we are struggling to replicate using the Resources add-on.

The client wants something like this:

"Fred, the student, would log in and automatically see e.g. the student group button. He'd click on that and a page would open with resources, some fixed content (images, welcome, etc), and the forum for the students. One of the resources I'd like Fred to see is a blog-like indexed, searchable, tagged list of talk transcripts.
When Maggie, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, logged in, she would see two buttons - the yoga teachers group button and the mindfulness teachers group button. She could then select one and be let into the resource and forum pages relating to that group."

It doesn't have to be exactly like the above but the client wants the user to see everything easily. For the forums this is simple.. you just create a category for each group and set the permissions.

But.. how to present a list of audio, video, transcripts and articles which are also searchable and tagged that have permissions set for the groups?

If this isn't feasible with xenForo is there a CMS that xenForo bridges with for a single sign on experience?