Tab of resources I 'want' / 'wishlist'


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For the resource Manager I would wish that I could mark any resource as a recourse "I want". This to further be listed in a separate tab where I can find all my 'wanted' resources.

I am not quite sure if this is just a use case for me personally or it could be handy for everyone.

Here are reasons why:
  1. I have plenty of add-ons I want to be notified about. Add-ons that I already have. In my case that is 4 pages full within "Watched resources". I barely visit the "Watched resources" page as I am only interested in viewing particular resources that give me a notification for either an update or comment.
  2. I want to be able to compare resources to make a choice of what I later want to buy/download.
  3. I want to keep a list of resources I am interested about to later on buy. Some add-ons are either expensive so I want time to think about it or some are simple ones but may not be worth it yet. However, I don't want to forget about these add-ons (or forget the name).
  4. I want to separate add-ons that I already have and don't have. Thus why I wouldn't want to make "Watched resources" to function as that.
  5. I can imagine that developers that want to offer their resource to have a place for their potential clients to have something that would function as somesort of a wishlist. To me this would look like it would be more likely that users would buy/download resources. Then again I have zero experience with it.
So to me this would be amazing. What do you guys think?
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