Add-on Enhanced "master forums" functionality

I need someone to create an enhanced version of the basic "master forums" plugin (Master Forums by Waindigo). The author doesn't respond to my request, unfortunately. Please quote how much you would charge for the following, and how long you would need to create it:

* the master forum is actually a forum page that displays the threads ordered by latest post from all slave forums and from itself
* below the thread-list, you can see the different subforums (just like on a normal category page today)
* when posting a new thread in this forum, the user needs to define if he wants to have this thread in the master forum or in a subforum via drop-down
* this can work for any forum with subforums, not just one; but needs to be easy to define which forums should use that functionality
* Each of the subforums should have a pre-defined prefix that is shown next to each thread (user can't choose the prefix)
*compatibility with xenforo1.4 (right now) and 1.5 (can be added later)

You can sell on the developed stuff as you wish, I just need it for my forum, e.g. for the NBA page (which is currently a category, but will be a forum page).
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