Watched Forums > Select checkboxes to subscribe to Any or all Forums


Watched Forums.... I'd like to create a page where there is a list of all forums, and a checkbox next to the name of each forum, and if the person checks all the boxes, they get taken to the Watched Thread porta windowl, subscribing them to all forums (or the ones they picked).Something like that. An easy way to subscribe to multiple forums.

(When you subscribe to a Forum, does it stop emailing you if you don't visit after the last reply? Or is it Persistent?)
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So here’s a better idea.

1) Watched Forums
Im looking at the watched forums page, it gives the basic interface I’m looking for. On the right with the checkboxes to change your subscription

So if all the forums are listed there instead of just the watched forums, and you could tick a box to subscribe to any forum you have permissions for. That would be great. So it’s a page modification of the Watched Forums but lists All forums with a “Watch” link if not currently watching. Following ZF permissions.

Is there already something out there that does something similar?