XF 2.2 Reapplying add-on generated cache entries after rebuilding master data


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Hi, I've developed a few new types of custom thread fields (e.g. a 'username' field type). We are applying these thread fields to certain forums via the usual "Applicable forums" multiselect list when editing the field in the admin panel.

After rebuilding the master data (e.g. following an upgrade), those applications disappear. As far as I can see this is since add-ons are kept out of the loop when the cache is being rebuilt.

I couldn't see an opening to execute 'post upgrade' tasks (I'm assuming that's because the add-ons are out of the loop anyway).

So basically these cached items cannot be reinstated automatically following an upgrade. Am I missing something?

I could check for the presence of these cached entries and rebuild the cache if needed on each add-on execution, but it would obviously be much preferable to be able to do it just once after rebuilding the master data.

Please alert me if I'm overlooking something 😊
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