XF 2.1 Emoji support, questions


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I recently upgraded from xf1.5x to xf2.1x and haven't run the command-line php that enables full emoji support.

Initially I had to figure out what the proper lsphp command would be, so that it wasn't using my server-default php, but when I initiated the statement I was presented with his message:

There are 252 tables to convert.

Conversion may be a time consuming process.
You must close your installation and take a backup before beginning the conversion process!

Are you ready to begin conversion? [y/n]

I assumed it was just going to change one column in a single table, but this appears more encompassing - so I answered no. It's not a big deal to close the site, and do a sql dump beforehand, but:
  • Is this output look right?
  • Does doing this provide the additional smilies I'm seeing here?
The script is run on the entire database, not just one column in one table.

You will need to run the script and add the line to config.php if you want emoji support.
If you have XF and all 3 official add-ons then that should be 240 database tables in total.

It attempts to convert any table with an xf_ or a xengallery_ prefix. The additional 12 tables it is counting might be from add-ons or left over legacy tables.

But, yes, that is correct and it is the correct process to get all of the emojis you see here.
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