Embedding Xenforo into Wordpress Page

Just purchased Xenforo. I used to use vBulletin long time ago between 2007-11ish and finally had a good excuse to get Xenforo after launching a new site!

Anyway, I have a wordpress site and would like to embed xenforo into a wordpress page. Any idea how to go about this? I still have to get used to the xenforo layout and workflow, but I'm a fast learner :)

Any help appreciated! Thanks!
By change, in what way do you mean? If I add a new product, then yes the footer would get updated where it says "latest products". Same for if I were to update the navigation of course. Here is a photoshop mockup of what I would like it to look like.



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Your easiest bet would be to edit the header template of XenForo to edit it to look and function like your Wordpress, same with the footer. And use an add-on to fetch the data for the products / navigation. How comfortable are you with PHP?
Not familiar with PHP at all I must say. Creating an add-on to fetch the data for the products/navigation would mean the add-on would also have to get updated constantly if something were to change/added to the footer for example. Also sounds like that may be a lot of queries? or am I wrong?


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Not if coded properly, 2-3 every hour. Depending on how the Wordpress functions work, they could be reused. There is no real easy way to "embed" the forum in the way you are thinking. I'm not too familiar with Wordpress coding, I hate the software, but you may be able to use callbacks within the XenForo templates to effectively include the header & footer if it is done correctly.


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Are you adding the products on the WordPress side as pages and want links to those in a footer on the XF side?
Not sure what you mean LPH. The products are added to the shop and then automatically get updated in the footer under "latest products". I want to embed xenforo forums into the wordpress page.


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Hmm.. are there any other previous solutions around? I tried googling, but came up empty
I created something which grabs wordpress and xf data periodically and makes it available via a static file which gets updated at whatever interval which will do something similar to what you need with the footer listings of newest products though it would have to be customized to handle something different.

So yes there are solutions but pretty much what I am getting at is you will probably need something custom for any unique xf<->wp data sharing or lightweight integration (just for the actual relevant data like the products in the footer updating properly as the footer of your forum).

With a combination of a lightweight script to handle the wp data for your xf footer and custom header, a reworking of some menu items on the WP and some custom styling to the forum innards you could make your xf and wp look and feel seamless.

Out of curiosity, what shop/plugin are you using in your wordpress?

A random side note: I looked over the frontpage and the kickstarter and I like the product you guys have there and if I wasn't such a brokeass I would probably grab one and prototype a bunch of fun stuff for what is comparatively a lot cheaper than all the other popular printer bots out there. :)
Best of luck with that venture (y)
Thanks EQnoble for the kind words! So I was looking for the original thread I saw which (I thought) seemed to be the one on these forums that had the most success. Well I finally found it.. this one: http://xenforo.com/community/thread...forum-in-to-a-different-php-page.34548/Except nowhere does it say a step-by-step instruction how he achieved it? His screenshots seem to show that he got it working all good. Any ideas? I looked at the Page container template, but couldn't figure out exactly what to do with it. It also seems he's just embedding it into one php page, not a dynamic website.@EQnoble I am using wordpress woo commerce plugin for the shop.


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Easytarget has some stuff which displays one on the other.

look at my drone site - the WP front page has a sidebar showing XF posts and the XF forum page shows the WP blog posts.
Thanks @craigiri but that is not what I am trying to achieve. Check the screenshot I posted on post #5 of this thread. I am trying to simply wrap the head and footer around the entire forums.