XF 1.4 Embed into Wordpress page

My overall goal is to try to somehow embed a particular forum topic into a Wordpress page which contains content related to the forum topic.

My first thought was to go the easiest route and embed the xenforo topic into an iframe on my Wordpress page, but unfortunately it looks like xenforo doesn't allow iframe embeds. I've tried multiple times with no success. Am I missing anything?

My second idea was to possibly use the Xenword bridge which links Wordpress and Xenforo together with user logins, categories, posts, etc. I'm not sure if I need something this advanced as all I'm really looking to do is display a forum topic page within a Wordpress page. Does anyone have experience with Xenword and know if my scenario is doable with it .. possibly using a widget that comes with it?

Lastly, does anyone else know of any other ways outside of an iframe or xenword bridge that this can be done, ideally without extensive development?

Thanks for any insight!
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@Optic, thanks for the tip.

Yes iframes are annoying but sometimes they are the only available solution without having to spend a ton of resources on a development integration.

Does anyone have any experience with xenword?


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Hundreds do, but you might be better able to reach them on the XenWord support site. Many are quiet but you never know if you ask a question that they have an immediate answer for you. :)

A featured forum widget supplied with XenWord can be placed in a widget for a particular page, then use conditionals set by JetPack so the forum of your choice shows on the proper page.