XF 1.3 email address for notifications


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I know that's possible to send an email (with or without text) when someone reply to a watched thread. In my case the problem is that many of our users reply to that email and, since the email address is mine, all the replies comes to me.

It's possible to set a non existent email address (like no-reply@) so that all the notifications comes from this address?

these are my settings

Schermata 2014-07-02 alle 14.32.39.png

If I put no-reply@kog.it in the default email address can I miss some emails?


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Set it to whatever you wish.

I use donotreply@domain.com.

Domain though is my site domain, I just don't bother checking it.


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Also put an auto reply on that email address telling the member they being blond and need to reply to the thread. What I also did was limit the information to what the notification will tell them, so it forces them to actually read the thread to understand the reply.

Tracy Perry

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I'm in the process of setting up an autoresponder (since I run VPS's using Postfix) for my Donotreply address I use. Once I get them set up, I've got to figure out exactly what I want to put in the reply other than
"Hey, didn't you read the original email that said NOT to reply to the message? "
and then put a link in to Amazon for reading comprehension books. :rolleyes: