Fixed Editor text color issues


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Where do I find the properties to sort out this color problem I have:

Both the LightBox and the Quick reply box look the same....soo I am looking to edit the background color and font color to fix this.


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I'm sure it's in the editor_contents.css template and look for this code (below)

    @property "primaryContent.background";
    background-color: @contentBackground;
    @property "/primaryContent.background";
    @property "primaryContent.font";

    @property "/primaryContent.font";


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Thank you! :D

Hey, shelley, is it okay if I add a hex color/font style to these calls?


Like this: /#123456.tahoma ...?


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That won't work though.

You meed to define the color and font on separate lines, like so:

color: #123456;
font-family: Georgia, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif;
I understand that I'm supposed to do that for some CSS but this code looks different to me than the other ones, so that's why I was asking.


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That's because those elements are linked to Style Properties.

They have 'opening' and 'closing' tags to denote the Style Properties element.


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So, with what you've been saying; I should put in the code like this?

/primaryContent: #123.font: Georgia, Tahoma

....? o_O
It seems I got this same issue since our upgrade this morning. For some reason it went all black. On a dark theme. :(

How would one go about to change only the text in the box, to say to a white?


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The editor has been updated to respect some properties. Moving this to bugs as it doesn't look like it's doing it very well.


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When I upgraded my test site to b6 the background color of the editor at the bottom of the thread changed....

Interesting for sure. It appears it is grabbing a color that is used in another part of the style/skin. Quick reply at the bottom, inline editor, advanced editor - all the same color that looks like it came from another part of the skin..
If you can kindly provide a solution to this problem, it would be appreciated. (aka an example)

I have many users unable to properly post and making them happy would make me happy, of course.


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Try adding this to EXTRA.css:

body.mceForceColors {
background-color: #FFFFFF !important;
color: #000000 !important;
Change the colours to suit.