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Hi Friends,
I'm trying to fix an XML issue of mine and for the life of me, I cannot find how to change this. I've checked every property and have double-checked all of my background-to-text properties. I do understand that I can add additional code to banner.less template but there has to be a better and easier way to do this especially if I have to relay that fix to someone in a "how to" message.

I just need to change the color of the banner text. I've also tweaked the color palette and nothing changes.


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P.S. On my personal community it is fine and showing the standard colors for the banner but on XML file it is showing like the above


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As you have probably changed the basic colors for your style, they are reflected everywhere in the forum ... In this case you have no other choice but to correct with CSS in extra.less or banner.less. If I understood your problem correctly.
I have not changed the basic color of the original file/style and it was working and is working on my forum just not within the XML file and demo. I have tweaked the colors in the DEMO only today and the only thing it does is what it's supposed to do - change the banner background. Let me try to change it with some CSS. sigh. This should be an individual-style property IMHO,
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