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XF 1.2 Editor laggy on iPad


Well-known member
I've just upgraded to 1.2.2 and things have gone fine apart from the editor seems to be quite laggy on the iPad (desktop and iPhone are fine).

It doesn't happen on here so I assume it's something with our style/addon/advertising but not sure if anyone else has experienced similar?


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Not yet. I'm thinking adsense might be the culprit so wanted to rule that out first. I'll update this with what I find but wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar.


XenForo developer
Staff member
It might be the kind of thing you have to test progressively. In terms of style changes, some CSS properties can be intensive, so increased use of opacity, box shadows (especially with border radius), and similar properties may slow things down. Each time you type a character, the browser will do need to redraw a certain portion of the page (if not the whole thing), so these can potentially add up.


Well-known member
@Mike, I've taken the Core style down to this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 16.21.01.png
I've removed pretty much everything (header, footer, controls, userblock, etc) and emptied most of the CSS files and it still lags. If I switch back to the default theme then it's absolutely fine.

I've submitted a ticket on here, not sure if that's appropriate or not but it'd be great if you had any suggestions :)


Well-known member
Typically as soon as I submit a ticket about this I find the issue.

I'm fairly sure it's due to a box-shadow on the Content CSS. I've removed it and things sped right up and I also double-checked by adding the same CSS to the default style which it then caused lag on.