XF 2.2 How to share on ipad?


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As a test we share now every day some threads on facebook.
A minute ago i tried this on an ipad. First i could not find any buttons.
Then i found „Share“, after touching it the usual ipad menu opens.
While i dont habe fb on my ipad i camt share the thread.

Is there anything to change this without touching the templates by hand?
On devices which support the "web share API" which includes most tablets and phones, we display the device's native share sheet. This does limit options to share options that are on that device, such as requiring the Facebook app to be installed, but generally provides a much better experience because the share buttons you see elsewhere (desktop devices) aren't really optimised for mobile or, in some cases, simply do not work.

If you don't want to install the Facebook app on your device you can just tap the "Copy" button in the share sheet and then paste that into your Facebook post on facebook.com which will include a description and a link to the content.
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