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You can't put text and a Giphy under it, if you put the Giphy first. Whatever you try always puts a line break between. The only way is to edit the line out in bb mode, or write your text first and put in under.
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I've read this a few times and I have to say I'm not quite clear what you are reporting.

Would you mind posting specific reproduction steps along with the expected and desired behaviour?
Apologies. I will post the gif below, and see if you can edit out the extra line between the gif and the text using backspace, or enter after the backspace. I have to enter bb mode to do it.

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I can. Although it's worth noting we're using a slightly newer version of the editor since you posted the original bug report.

If you can still reproduce it here we'll need more details, including the exact browser and version, plus worth writing out the reproduction steps specifically in case I'm overlooking something.
Yes, here too. I found the way to reproduce. Using latest Chrome and XF 2.2.7.

So type a word and then leave the cursor there and select a giphy so it ends up on the same line, so the text is pushing the giphy out. Now, you want to move it to the next line so you move the cursor to after the word (before the giphy), and press Enter. It creates a new line in between and no matter what you do, you can't get rid of it unless you enter bb mode.
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Just hit delete on the blank line before I posted. Using Edge on Win10. So maybe the newer version of Froala has fixed it?
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