XF 1.1 Edit Post Permission Problem


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Hello! So, I have a usergroup that appears to be unable to edit their own posts in a particular forum.

This is the "registered" group. Their base permissions do not allow them to start new threads or reply to threads. But they can edit their own posts.

For the "registration" forum, I have a permission override for this group, allowing them to start new threads and reply to threads. They are inheriting the "edit own posts" permission.

The registered group is able to start new threads and reply to threads in the registration forum. But they are unable to edit their own posts.

Any ideas?


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For future reference, questions of this type are better posted in the support area (this one would fit http://xenforo.com/community/forums/troubleshooting-and-problems.24/), as that way the people that would help will know that you are a licensed user. I personally don't provide anything but guidance related support in the open topic areas.
This is a support area and you do need to be licensed to post here. (Unless this was moved at the same moment you posted)

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I would have sworn it was in the general area... but what do I know - I've got 8 tabs open with 6 active support type conversations going on, and I haven't had my coffee yet!