As designed Edit Forum missing tabs

Affected version
2.0 DP10


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I'm not sure if this is a regression or if it was done on purpose, but Edit Forum on XF2 is missing tabs:

On XF 1.5

While the length of the page is still acceptable witthout tabs, I can easily imagine that it could get pretty long and thus hard to manage if there are a few Add-ons installed that add their own controls.
So if this was done on purpose I'd like to suggest to rethink the decision as it seems beneficial to me to have the ability to use tabs built into the template; it does not necessarily have to be used by default - especially as tabs can be used on Edit user.


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In many cases, tabs have been deprecated in ACP forms like this. Accordions are preferred when you're editing parts of a unit (though I'm aware not all places are doing this).

But yes, this was done intentionally and there are certainly disadvantages and confusions from collapsing/hiding parts of forms. Add-ons can add their options to separate accordion sections if they feel the need.