XF 1.5 Creating a missing table again


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Hi, we've had a roller coaster of a time with our site, I think due to merging two old forums (vB and phpBB) in to one. The bottom line is we encountered some major database issues, which have mainly be resolved now. The main 'fix' for this was to remove the xf_search.frm file from the database folder in /var/lib/mysql/xxx.

The forum is working, but obviously search isn't. I was wondering if anyone could share the necessary MySQL command to recreate this table? I believe it's called simply xf_search - but obviously I don't know what fields it had in or whether it has some data (I assume it's populated during the indexing or is it a log searches?).
Look in the following file:


In there you will find an xf_search query; that's the one you need to run to recreate that table.
Perfect - located that, thanks @Chris D

We have 175 tables presently, the only 2 *not* starting with xf_ are archived_import_log and archived_import_log_phpbb

So with the missing xf_search table, we would have 176 or 174 excluding those 2 above.

Is that the right number?
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