XF 1.2 Easy way to delete massive spam attack.


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Hey all,

Long time no see as I admittedly let my sites slip and so fell out of the community too... However I think its time to give it another bash but could do with some help...

The site in question has been left to its own devices for quite a while and it seemed fine but suddenly since 19th of this month all the spam protection I had in place has completely failed me and I have been massively bombed...

Now here comes the problem the spam cleaner in 1.2 just can't hack it when removing 100's of accounts... is there an easier way I can just purge all data added past that horrible date I know there may be one or two genuine posts/users lost but honestly that compared to what looks like is going to be a 2 day + task of clearing out all this is worth it...

Any help is appreciated..




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There's nothing you can do to delete hundred's of accounts with a simple click. However, the spam cleaner implemented in 1.1.4 works pretty well IMO. It gets better if you use 1.2 so it shouldn't be too long until you clean your site.

I have two sites and my site with XenForo 1.2 is not attacked too often. I see a lot of user registrations trying to get in to my site so it's easy to reject those.

However, in my 1.1.5 site, bots still manage to register and post spam. My solution is simple:

- Use one simple question captcha. Bots will find the answer eventually but that should take them a few days.
- When you see a bot posting spam, clean the site and edit the question captcha. That should give you another week or two without bots.
- Repeat.
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Thanks Both... I did manage to delete all accounts since the effected date and delete all messages associated with a combination of the database commands Brogan linked too... Now it is just a case of adding a few more protections in place though I do have quite a few already which were working quite well until recently guess once one bot finds out how to get through tough they all do.

Thanks again Both.