Lack of interest Easy "Ban This User" Button


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For which usergroup, though?

It seems overkill for a moderator.
It's not an overkill for moderators. If they give permissions its the best thing, since I and I'm sure many boards allow Global Mods to ban. And if you trust your staff there should be no problem :p


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I meant Moderators, I know I should give Super [ahem; Global] Mods "trust" but regular mods - out of the door.


Moderators can't ban, in 1.0.

If an Admin CAN ban, there should be an option for it - In my opinion.
The Spam feature is for handling spam, not for managing users.

That said you could just edit the template in 1.0 and add:
<a href="admin.php?banning/users/add">ban this naughty user</a>