DSO help with OP code caching

Rho Delta

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I was having some CPU load issues affect my site speed a little and got this feedback from my hosting provider.

It looks like whatever changes were made to site are affecting the CPU load. I didn't see any slowness when I logged in to the site. However, looking at the CPU graph you can see where the Load spike is going over the guaranteed limit. That is probably the reason for the slowness you are experiencing. I noticed you are using DSO as your PHP handler but you don't have any OP code caching software(PHP accelerators). We can install this on your server and this may alleviate the load issue on your server. Let me know if you have any questions.
There are a variety of different accelerators, one of the most popular ones is eAccelerator. And personally I haven't encountered any clients that have problems with it. I always suggest looking into which software better matches the needs of your site. However OP code caching software ultimately have the same function. Here is a wiki link that breaks down all of the different PHP accelerators and how they differentiate from each other:


Let me know how you would like to proceed.
Thoughts, advice, help? I don't know a ton about server side configuration and want to make sure I proceed smartly in regards to my XF site.

Rho Delta

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It means you are able to use APC/Xcache/Eaccelerator to cache the PHP files. It's worth it :)
I thought I was already using APC... guess not. Is that the best one for XF? I run on a medium sized VPS and usually have 60-100 users on at a time but it spikes to 300 occasionally.

My server technician says he uses eaccelerator a lot, any issues with that one?