Fixed Weird issue... (BB code caching)


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I had two spam bots sneak though and post a couple of threads in my system.

After this, one of my posts (hard deleted by a moderator, unfortunately...) had been replaced with a spam post about erectile disfunction. Unfortunately this post was removed before I could get a screenshot of it, but the actual post was displayed as a spam advert, but hiding the post and viewing it again showed its actual content (my real post). Editing the post also showed the real content, not the content on erectile dysfunction.

I have run a file health check on the installation from the ACP and I have checked for files on the server that arent supposed to be there. I have also run a virus scan on my own machine.

Any ideas?


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Well, it should only happen if you're restarting MySQL, which isn't a normal behavior. Otherwise, edit the post or disable the BB code caching.


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Whats causing the post content replacement?

I did have to restart my server and repair some tables this morning - which would be the cause. It just seems to be pretty random to me - the post seems file, then randomly it is no longer fine. Can I empty the BBCode cache table, or will that break stuff?