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Drag and Drop Category Display Order

Discussion in 'Media Gallery Suggestions' started by SteveCo, Jul 27, 2016.

  1. SteveCo

    SteveCo Member

    As an admin, I want to be able to sort the categories via Drag and Drop so that I can quickly sort them.
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  2. Brian Boehm

    Brian Boehm Member

    Yes please or some other way to sort the videos so they will display how I like.
  3. Dalton Prock

    Dalton Prock Active Member

    Wow, I like that idea. Maybe one day it will be developed or included in a XenForo update.
  4. HotRodCarts

    HotRodCarts New Member

    I think you can drag and drop categories in XF2
  5. Dalton Prock

    Dalton Prock Active Member

    Yes, you can sort them which does go along with what is quoted above.

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