Implemented Can you make the "Display order" Drag & Drop capable?


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Are you ever going to make the "Display order" a drag-&-drop function versus using the numbering system you have now? Is it an arduous process to make it happen? If not, or if so, I would like to request this feature. It would be so much easier to move the display order items around.

Thanks for listening
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There are already various systems that have a drag and drop ordering system and can be implemented by add-on developers if they wish for their own content.

What are you suggesting drag and drop sorting be implemented for?
It's already the case, just use the Sort button.

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I would have never guessed that it was part of the "sort" function. Placing the drag-and-drop at the main listing instead of having to use the "sort" function pop-up menu would be desired. Also, the widgets do not have the "sort" function available. Nonetheless, I am happy to find out this information.
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