Doug Blubaugh Died.


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Just 15 minutes from here a Farm boy, Olympic Gold medalist, Humanitarian, Doug Blubaugh died in a hit and run just 15 miles from where I am now. The last I heard he was still 800 miles from here in Indiana. His cousin didn't realize he was in Oklahoma as well. Blubaugh was once named the World’s Outstanding Wrestler by beating the supposedly unbeatable Emam Ali Habibi Goudarzi.

A person knocked on my door to tell me and a number of people have now e-mailed me about it.

Doug was I think the toughest person I ever met. He also from him I learned how small the world it. My father knew him in college and then ran into him again in the Military. My dad sent me to a sports camp in Indiana and there I met Doug. Doug taught me something that no other couch ever showed me, the illusion of speed. It was this lesson that I owe my record to, I went four years without losing a dual meet but it was not because I was any good, it was because of something I learned from Doug.

A few weeks ago a statue of Doug and Shelby Wilson was made locally. I dated Shelby's granddaughter in 1980. I ran into his son's in a small town riding motorcycles 800 miles from where I met them.

When I moved from Indiana back to Oklahoma my closest neighbor was Doug's cousin.

The funeral I am betting is going to be huge and will include a family from Iran, I think there will be more people than the town it will be in has population.


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Sounds like a good guy....

I'll raise a glass.

I know most people on this forum will not know who this person is but for this part of the country this is huge. The funeral will be wrestler central.

Doug got an Iranian family out of Iran in the 70's when Ayotollah Ruhollah Khomeini took power and get them a start in Bloomington Indiana.

It was this persons family he get out of Iran. Doug was also the only person to ever beat this person.