How To Get a Domain Un-Blacklisted?


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(Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this, but I figured I'd ask, since there are a fair few people in this community who would know better than me how to fix this issue)

...rather than going through all of the details on this one, let's get to the fun part: I recently purchased a new domain name for a new venture I'm just starting up. I ran a quick check on the domain name, it was available, so I grabbed it...I never though to run it through Sucuri's site checker first, and of course it turns out that my newly purchased domain name has a rather checkered past attached to it and is, in fact, blacklisted as a "malicious" site that offers "drive by downloads." As the current owner of the domain, I know for certain I'm not offering such a thing, but attempts to contact Norton, McAfee, BitTorrent and so on have resulted in no genuine forward progress, the domain remains blacklisted as seen here: and with several smaller security companies, as well. As a precaution, I also purchased the .org version of the domain and parked it so it can be used to access the site, but I'd like to utilize the .com as the full and proper domain name.

Does anyone know how to get a site removed from the blacklist? I've had it re-evaluated by everyone I can get in contact with, and despite myself and my host going through the server with a fine tooth comb and finding nothing even close to malicious (there's nothing on the server except XenForo and a couple of add-ons), each time the result comes back the same. Is there a way to conclusively determine that my site is not actually malicious and get it off the blacklist or am I just stuck?

Thanks for any help!
Thanks for the response, Tracy! I've gone through those procedures before, and received less than stellar responses from McAfee and Norton. The reviews did result in the re-categorization of the site, but both companies still have it blacklisted, and that's the part I can't understand. There's nothing malicious on the site at all, so I don't know how to get that removed or why a re-scan would result in leaving the malicious warning in place. It feels like I'm going in circles each time I try to fix this issue.
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