How to get a statistic from custom user fields?


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In my forum we do ask new members two questions during registration:

1. Weather they do have a commercial/professional background regarding the forum topic
2. How they found the forum (i.e. Google, personal recommendation, ...)

Both questions are pulldowns (each with a range of values) and implemented via Users -> Custom user fields

The outcome is then saved in the user profile in the "personal data"-section.

I would love to have an easy and simple statistic in regards of numbers - it would be helpful to know how many "professionals" we have in the forum and obviously it would be interesting to know how people found the forum before registering.

I can run a manual search for the various single criteria via "Search for users" but this is awkward and time consuming. An automated statistic would be way more convenient. Is there an easy way to achieve this?
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