XenoForo beat Vbulletin at any time, don't be stupid switch to XF today!


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Just wanted to let people know how happy I am because I made the switch from the dinosaur VBulletin to XenoForo!

For years I have suffered to get my forum running and indexed in Google properly. Each time I had issues with the forum either bacause of errors or it was slow or SEO everyone was pointing back to me and told I need to reinstall, getter bigger servers and SEO doesn't matter for a forum.

For 8 years I have tried to get Vbulletin running and it simply failed, I have wasted my time and money on this ****ty script.

Suddenly there was a hosting company in the UK that (I believe) is running a huge forum too and switched from VB to XF they hosted our forum as well and suggested to switch to XF for performance reasons. After they switched and I learned to know XF and lot's of consideration I finally switched for some months ago! We lost aprox 3000 posts and that's it, no big deal even it is a small forum. But after improving the installation, got a security firm to help securing the forum and a lot of work to get the forum look as we wanted we have seen lot's of improvements.

After 3 months we go from 6000 indexed pages with VB (took 8 years) to 23.000 indexed pages we jumped from page 100 for a certain keyword to 21 really difficult keyword to rank for. And we have now 600 keywords ranking while with VB it was 40!

We get more new signups and people started to post and discuss!

A big thanks to the developer of XF please keep up the good work and please improve the support here on the forum it is the only thing I have to grumble about.