Lack of interest Donate own Trophy points to another user


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i just had this idea about ¨Trophy Points¨. As an administrator, i get a lot of points basically because i´m always writing and because i´m making sure everybody is happy by, at least, answering all of the members concerns...

That beeig said, sometimes i feel like given away some of my trophy points to another member, just to recognize his labour in the forum...

So my idea is to share trophy points among members... share the love! :D

What's your opinion?


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I think I prefer the suggestion of manually awarding trophies.
That way the member gets points and a trophy, rather than just some donated points.


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At our IPB board we are using the ipoints plugin. I think that that the XF trophy points could ultimately replace our point system. But there is still one important feature missing in order to replace ipoints. Our users like to trade digital goods by sending each other donation points.

Is there a add-on which let's you send (donate) some of your own points to another user?


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Thank you for your suggestions but BD Banking does not say that it is supporting the point donation feature. And xShop says that it will be an upcoming feature.