XF 1.5 Add all members of a user group to another user group

I would like to add all members of a user group to the Registered group. The reason this group is not a member of Registered is because it was converted from a vBulletin forum with funky user group settings.

I tried to create a promotion that would add all members to Registered and created a condition that they are a member of the user group in question. I saved the promotion, but that did not do anything. Am I missing anything?


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Members should all be in the Registered user group and that should be the primary user group. You can use Batch Update Users in the ACP to manually make this change for all users.
Thank you, that worked perfectly. It sucks that the vBulletin importer ignores the Registered user group when converting to XenForo, and the documentation does not alert people who are converting to look out for this.


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The importer should map the VB equivalent of the Registered user group correctly.

If it didn't, that could indicate a specific issue with how your VB installation was set up.