Does XenForo support these features out of the box?

Eric Winter

I'm going to setup a new website, and would like to use XenForo.

This website is all about user interaction -- if an user contributes content, she is awarded credits.
A sufficient amount of credits allows access to privileged forums and/or files.
If the user does not contribute, she might purchase credits.
Sufficient credits again give access to the privileged forums and/or files.

I couldn't find a list of features, so I thought I'dd ask them here:
  1. Does XenForo award users credits for certain actions, and can these be configured?
    I read about the Throphy system, but I couldn't pin-point where and how the actual configuration is done.
  2. Does XenForo allow access to privileged forums and/or files based upon a certain amount of credits?
  3. In case a user has insufficient credits to access a forum and/or files, does XenForo allow a user to purchase additional credits in order to gain access?
  4. If e-commerce is supported, which payment processors are supported out-of-the-box?
  5. Does XenForo allow the default rich text editor to be replaced by CKeditor?
These are my burning questions.
Anxiously awaiting your input!


XenForo moderator
Staff member
There are no user credits as such, trophies are awarded for achieving certain milestones or targets based on post count, likes, time registered.

A trophy based promotion add-on has been created here:

There is no such system in place to purchase trophies but user account upgrades do exist.

The editors which currently exist are the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor and a plain text editor. It is not possible to replace either of these with the CKeditor.

Eric Winter

That looks like role-based security to me.
I assume you can limit access to certain pages/resources to specific roles?

Eric Winter

Right, it all starts making sense now. I'm going to search for Account Upgrades and check out how others configured this.