XF 1.5 Sitemap Page Priorities? They are good for SEO. Does Xenforo support them?

Stuart Wright

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The priority a page is given via the sitemap.xml file may influence ranking.
Due to the large amount of content on the site it would be good to notify the search engines bots which pages should take priority - automated rules should be set up depending on the subdirectory and depth.
Does Xenforo offer this functionality?


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Google does not use that anymore and before it had no impact on ranking. Using timestamp should be more then enough, google figures it out.



John Mueller said:
Priority and change frequency doesn’t really play that much of a role with Sitemaps anymore.

This is something where we’ve tried various things but essentially, if you have a sitemap file and you are using it to tell us about the pages that were changed or updated, it is much better to just specify the time stamp directly so that we can look into our internal systems and say we haven’t crawled since this date therefore we should crawl again.

And just crawling daily doesn’t make much sense if your content doesn’t change. So that is something where we see a lot of sites they give us this information in the sitemap, they said it changes daily or weekly, and we look in our database and it hasn’t changed in a month or years…

So what I’d really recommend is using the timestamp.