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XF 1.5 Does the Rss Feeder have Limits?


Well-known member
I am doing some testing using the RSS Feeder in xenforo and an RSS Link from a website.

When i look at the websites rss link, The RSS Link has many things.

Links. Pictures, and Video, etc It pretty much looks like this:
*Notice* I've deleted all the links , kept it short

<category domain=""></category>
<img src=
Format: mp4<br /> Duration: 21:29<br /> Video: 960x540, AVC <iframe src=" </iframe>
<img src=" />
<guid isPermaLink="false"></guid>

The problem is when i click on "Import now" via the admin panel and i look in the forum that it posted the threads at. It doesn't seem to import all the information. So i'm thinking maybe there is a limit in the xenforo rss import feeder?

Actually, i think it imports everything except the Embeded Video. The iframe part.

But if i click on "Preview Feed" inside the admin panel. It shows the embeded video.

Should it should be working normally, importing the embeded video, since it shows up during the preview feed.

I even pasted the code, inside a thread and it works, i can see the video,

There is no embed code, if i do it via the feeder.

The embed code simply does not even import, Almost as if it skips it.

What exactly could be wrong?

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It will only import from certain fields that are relevant and in terms of the post content it produces it will only import the HTML that can be converted to BB code. So, indeed, embedded video would likely be stripped.

Pretty sure you shouldn't see embedded video via the preview in the Admin CP, either.


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oh yes... you are right...

I tired it on my other test forum without any add-ons and i don't see the embeded video in the admin panel.

So it's an add-on the makes it viewable in the admin panel but it's not importing it,

I will see which add-on feeder it is and ask the add-on person,


actually xenforo should add this feature,, i will make a suggestion