XF 1.5 RSS feeder - Registered Feeds not updating

I have a similar problem. I am using XenForo 1.5.0. I have a valid set of feeds. The feeds are setup and preview in the feeder add-on. The feed imports and is posted to the forum. But all new versions of the feed do not import into the forum, they preview as before but will not post, either automatically or through the 'import' button.

If I delete the feed and set it up again the feed imports exactly as it should. It seems that the trigger that identifies the feed has changed is not working. The rss that is imported has <pubDate> tags and all seems in order.

Chris D

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I moved your post to its own thread as the other thread likely isn't related.

But all new versions of the feed do not import into the forum
What exactly do you mean by "new versions"? Do you mean that after the first import no new entries are added? Or are there changes to the existing entries and these don't get updated?

What is the URL of the feed?
So, I'm adding the feed above into the feed tool and then thought I'd rely on the date change of the feed to trigger the new automatic import into the threads? I was under the impression that the feeder tool would detect a change in date to trigger the update but perhaps was wrong?

Chris D

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We check each feed every X minutes. We don't look at the date. We import items from the feed, but we expect there to be no duplicates. We detect duplicates by storing a unique_id. The unique_id your feed will be providing is the URL in the <guid> tag for each item.

If your feed is being updated, only ever contains one item, and that one item has the same <guid> as has been imported previously, then it will be skipped. Therefore I guess the thing to do, would be to update that <guid> field as well each time you update the feed. I think that should work if I've understood how your feeds work correctly.
Hi, many thanks. I am well aware my feed could have had an issue causing the non triggering of the call. So, now that you have pointed me in the right direction I will amend. I suppose given the need for a unique field then I will need to add datetime to that entry. I will give it a try.