Do you like this logo?


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It's handwritten by a calligrapher for a sibaritism community in spanish. Kirfis is the name of the mountain of Sibaris.



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In a word. No.

Hard to explain, but it looks to cramped up and busy to me, and the K just looks like a different type of calligraphy where as the irfis looks similar to earch other.

I think you need to get the lower case letters to a standard size, on a straight line, and larger, even if you have the "dips" on the r and f, the tops still need to line up. The K needs to be de-done alltogether.

In my opinion ofc :)


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I won't say I like it personally, but with some adjustments, and if used in the right circumstances, something like this can work.


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One more thing to add, people (including me) will have zillion different opinion, go for what your mind/heart says is right. There are tones of legendary logos around which normal thinking people like us would not have gone for (Coca Cola, Google, and so on). Ultimately your community environment creates a brand and not otherwise.