Implemented Display StopSpamForum results in User moderation queue

When reviewing the Users Awaiting Approval queue, it would be nice to have the results of the StopSpamForum inquiry displayed so we have a clear picture of what triggered the registration to end up in the queue. Right now we have to dig into the User Info and manually query the website for the three pieces of information to see what caused the flag. A heads up view showing what caused the user to get flagged would making reviewing the queue much faster.


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Agreed. I was looking for any kind of sign on why some people were being moderated.

Figured it was since the default is 1 (of the 3 fields) the 2 I have seen flagged so far had a common name but the email and ip were fine. So listings for people like "Kevin" are flagging. Simple once you really do the math but yeah my staff doesn't understand why the moderation occurs and they just approve.

Other than that since I run FoolBotHoneyPot I am comfortable with requiring 2 fields before xenforo flags since th plugin catches all of them so far anyways.