Display new forum event on an XF Page


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I want to display a bit of basic data about a new forum post event, on an XF Page.
So the code selects from the designated forum (a notices or announcements forum)
and displays stuff like this.

1. A small graphic which flags up NEW!
2. Title of thread.
3. Author's username
4. Date of post.
5. Maybe a line or so from the post itself?

So the info would maybe look like this - with an external title I'd add in html.

(Here's the text not in a graphic as above, for pulling about.)
[Graphic if new ] [Brogan] has posted on the "[Jelly Babies]" thread ([5/12/11]).
He said: [This is my formal notification of resignation from Jelly Babies Belly Dance team in order to devote more waking hours to Xenforo] [Read more...]

(Later - oops forgot the link to Read more ...)
If there is no new post (since last visit?) it looks the same but without the NEW!
and ideally the red border is replaced by a pale thin version.

Now I am very much a beginner with only a smattering of php, but I'm used to tweaking and coordinating bits of code people show me how to use.I could cope with making a css or separate template file WITH HELP, and phrases are OK.
This particular task is a learning project for me. I do really need the item for a Page I'm building but will re-use this once Ive learned it.
Oh and I've had a good look around on Manual, FAQ, Dev forum etc etc before asking.

With much thanks to all the marvellous helpers here.
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