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Display IP address in Users -> Users Awaiting Approval


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Display IP address in Users -> Users Awaiting Approval (version 1.0.0) - Add a user's IP address to the list of Users Awaiting Approval

If you want to have some more information available in the list of "Users Awaiting Approval", here is a basic example of how to do so. This example will show you how to add the user's IP address to the list.

Warning, this will require changes to the base XenForo code. I will see if I can later on create an add-on to circumvent that part.

Open the following file:


Find line 597-599:

        $users = $this->_getUserModel()->getUsers(array(...
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Good idea!
I hacked together something that does similar with my old (EE) system - in addition, I can click the IP and have the location shown - to see if it matches with their stated location (a field in my registration).
I enclosed a screen shot - it also lists any link they have added in their well as a link to allow me to look up the email in SFSpam.
This type of system allows for me to approve or delete 50 or more accounts in a busy day - in less than five minutes.
I hope I can eventually come up with something similar in XF - member management is best done on the way in.....
(moving to XF this thursday!)