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Lone Wolf

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Currently the Users awaiting approval is very basic and doesn't make an Admins job any easier. I have my forum set to manual approval for each user which means that every time I approve a user I have to visit other pages to see if that user is possibly a spambot, a duplicate account or a banned user signing up again. This is what I usually do...

1. Have a look at the name / email address to see if it looks spammy (approval page)
2. Go to the user Account (edit user)
3. Check the Homepage and About sections because many spammers fill these in (personal details)
4. Check the signature because many spammers add a credit or link there too (profile info)
5. Click the 'More Users' link in the IP address section to see if the IP matches existing or banned users (IP Addresses)

This helps me filter out nearly every spammer and it's rare for any spammers or duplicate accounts to get past our Admins. However we've had days where we had 50+ users register in one day. Now that's a lot of times to repeat those 5 steps.

Would it be possible with XF 2.0 for us to specify what information we want displayed on the 'Users Awaiting Approval' section? Perhaps the ability to add specific profile fields and 'more users' displayed by default.

For example I would select the following info to be displayed for each account awaiting approval...
  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Homepage
  • Signature
  • About section
  • IP Address
  • More Users
I could scroll down the Users Awaiting Approval page checking 'Approve' or "Reject' in one go and then pressing submit at the bottom.

This would save Admins a lot of time and effort.


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This is a great idea and is an enhancement our forum could make great use of. If this were taken on by the XF developers, I'd like to see a new radio button (with accompanying text box) for "Pending Additional Information " added to the core functionality. Our forum requires users to complete an essay to introduce themselves and tell us what they are looking for from our community. Routinely, new users overlook this requirement- even though it's in black and white in front of them - or write a five word sentence that just doesn't cut the mustard, but otherwise appear to have what we're looking for. Deleting and asking them to register again often drives them away never to be heard from again. If we could send them a notification to return and put more time and energy into their essay, it would make our lives much easier and improve our retention rates. Thanks for your time and consideration.


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This is essential functionality for sites that approve all new registrations. We get thousands of new users per month and its simply not possible to use the current xenforo functionality for it. Currently 2000 new accounts are reviewed monthly by per moderator. With the stock xenforo functionality it will take at least 10 times as much time and effort to review new accounts. We would need ten times as many moderators on the task. Which is not an option.


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Of the accounts that do get flagged (most spam accounts are rejected outright by the spam filter), 95% are spammers that have a spammy link in their homepage field. Having the homepage field on the User Approval page would save a lot of steps.


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I'm going to call this implemented in XF2. We display the user change log for users awaiting approval, so that gives you access to whatever fields they've changed.

And of course we've had shared IP checks with banned users for a while in XF1 as well.