Always Show Threads "Awaiting Approval" to OP in Overview.


Currently, when a user creates a new thread in a moderated forum, their thread gets removed from their overview after the user's session expires, which doesn't mean, that they are logged out in every case. Imagine the following real scenario.
A user creates a thread where they are looking for support in a moderated forum.
After the user has created the thread, he sees from the banners over and under his thread that it's "currently awaiting approval" before being publicly displayed.
The user decides to surf around your forum a little longer and then goes and does other stuff on the internet so their session expires but they aren't logged out.
The user comes back to your forum to see if his thread is now approved and can't find their thread in the forum view, his "your content" user menu link and on their profile at the "postings" section. It only shows up under "Lastest activity" on their profile for them.
The user can't find their support thread and comes to the conclusion that his thread must have been deleted by the forum staff and decides to rewrite it to post it again, causing duplicate content and more avoidable work for the staff team of your forum.

There should be an option for this behaviour so the administrator can enable the "Always show Content 'Awaiting approval' to Creator". This option when enabled would show the thread during its approval state to the creator regardless if his session is expired or not, so returning users with the "remember me" cookie don't get confused. This could have a small performance impact on all users but should be negligible.

See this thread for more information about this suggestion.
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I just posted a question asking how I could extend the time and then I saw this suggestion. It does create a lot of unnecessary mod work when they just disappear to the member because like you said, they have no idea what happened and end up reposting and creating duplicate threads/messages or start posting messages or PM'ing about them disappearing.

Would be really nice to have a way to configure a time for them.


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Update: I engaged an addon developer that created a solution that appears to work. I completed testing today and now just awaiting the developer's reply to finalize things.

In summary, this addon adds a permission to allow users to see content that is pending moderation.


Under default Xenforo 2.2.x -- threads/posts that are pending moderation, become invisible to the user who created the content. (after session expiration/logout, etc.) This addon is a workaround to make those items visible. (There is a version for Threads and one for Posts)


Will update this post when things move forward.