1. El Porcharo

    Lack of interest Approve button in action bar

    I'm managing the community with quite noob admins, and I see they don't always realize there are messages waiting for approval before replying to threads, specially when they navigate the board from their mobile phone. And honestly at the beginning of my XenForo experience, I used not to notice...
  2. Taminoful

    Always Show Threads "Awaiting Approval" to OP in Overview.

    Currently, when a user creates a new thread in a moderated forum, their thread gets removed from their overview after the user's session expires, which doesn't mean, that they are logged out in every case. Imagine the following real scenario. There should be an option for this behaviour so the...
  3. Taminoful

    As designed User Cannot See Thread In Forum List Which Is Awaiting Approval After "Hourly Clean up" Ran

    Today I have noticed that when a forum has the option "Moderate new threads posted in this forum" enabled, and a user creates a new thread, that these threads disappear from their forum view for the user after each time the "Hourly Clean up" cron job task ran. This causes much confusion with the...
  4. Sal Collaziano

    XF 2.1 What might cause the inability to process the approval queue?

    I have several XenForo installations on my server - but I'm only having this trouble with one site. If I process the approval queue, it hangs for a while - and then just refreshes without having done anything... Any ideas?
  5. joeyjurjens

    XF 2.1 Automatic User Upgrade not working

    Hey, I'm trying to setup user upgrades, but it isn't going very well. I've made a option to buy & once bough it should give the member the ViP rank for one month. However, when bought, it says: However, I (as Admin) do not have a option to approve payments?? Then I found this topic...
  6. Amaury

    Design issue Alerts/Email Notifications Generated When Moderating and Approving Posts

    While trying to see if I could reproduce this, I noticed that I received an email notification after moderating and then approving an old post that I was using for testing. It makes sense when posts automatically go into the moderation queue and you later approve them, but if you're testing...
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