Fixed Banned users show up in Users Awaiting Approval

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Occasionally I get notified about a user registering and being held for moderation - for example, because of a shared IP with a banned user.

However, in some cases I prefer to ban them rather than simply reject their registration - mostly to prevent email address re-use and to give me another datapoint for detecting duplicate accounts created by problematic users.

I note that users who I manually ban still appear in the Users Awaiting Approval page - which is not necessarily a bug because they do indeed still have the "Awaiting Approval" state.

Rather than having a two-step process of approving the user account and then going in to ban them (or banning them and then manually updating the user state) - it would make more sense to simply prevent banned users from showing in the approval queue - since it is a little misleading to have someone "approve" an account (and potentially send them a "your account has been approved" notification!) - when the account has actually been banned.

(Feel free to move this to suggestions if it's not considered a bug)


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I've made this change now. Specifically, this is only done for a permanent ban; a temporary ban won't change the state in the approval queue. (We actually did this with the spam cleaner, but we don't need that extra exception now as it falls under this code.)

This change also applies to XF2.