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I had a plugin that I wrote for vBulletin and I wanted to move it over to XenForo. Basically, each thread would have a running point tally that would be cron'd at the end of week to determine the hot threads.
  • Registered User Thread View - 5 Points
  • Visitor Thread View - 1 Point
  • Thread Reply - 10 Points
I would add 2 columns to the post table, post_hot_count(int) and post_hot_flg(bit).
Display would be a XenPorta Block.
Thoughts? (does this sound like the best approach?)


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Probably that will kill the database if the site is busy.

For the views, you can extends XenForo_Model_Thread and override updateThreadViews() to something like this

public function updateThreadViews() {
$db = $this->_getDb();
$updates = $db->fetchPairs('
SELECT thread_id, COUNT(*)
FROM xf_thread_view
GROUP BY thread_id
foreach ($updates AS $threadId => $views) {
$offset = $views * 5; // change your weight here
UPDATE xf_post SET
post_hot_count = post_hot_count + ?
WHERE thread_id = ?
', array($offset, $threadId));

return parent::updateThreadViews(); // let the parent do its job
If you want to make the add-on aware of registered users and guests, you will have to override logThreadView() (in XenForo_Model_Thread) too. Then you can add one extra column in the `xf_thread_view` table to track it. Pretty complicated if you ask me :D

About the reply, that one can be process in real time (increase the point when a new post is made) because people don't reply much. At least I hope so...

PS: I'm not sure why the hot count is in the post table though :p