[XTR] Hot Threads

[XTR] Hot Threads 1.0.4

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[XTR] Hot Threads - Easily identify the which topics are discussed.

[XTR] Hot Threads

This simple addon shows a moving flame icon on thread list.
Manage your hot threads with the thread reply counts.


You can control your hot threads with the style properties . Just select a moving image with .gif extension according to the number of answers.

Image size should be 16x16px.

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Why not? This option can be add. Thanks for feedback.
No problems!!

Here's a thought that would possibly make things easier and "automate" the whole thing....

# of posts in the last x time... This would mean that if one thing goes mad then it jumps into "hot" status... however if it then goes quiet then it'll then fall out of "hot"... That means threads would dynamically adjust depending on how busy they have been.

They key as an admin of course is to set the levels correctly for the amount of traffic on your board :D
It'd be nice to have an option to move the flame image to the top left corner of the user's avatar on the thread_list for hot topics..

This would then be familiar for users of https://www.hotukdeals.com/

Understand, however disagree... This area is already quite cramped if you have something like original poster installed... Plus it's the topic that hot, not the user... i can see the confusion...

But i get where you are coming from (often frequenting UKHD myself) :)
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