XF 1.1 Disable users awaiting approval in the mod bar?

Should the "Users awaiting approval" link be visible to moderators? For some reason it's only displaying for administrators on my board. Moderators are able to see the "Moderation queue" and "Reported items" links.
The alert balloon at the Mod Bar always stay at 0 . is it possible to hide it? like with Inbox and Alerts, only need to see it when there is a mod alert, then I can see the number of the alerts, instead of 0..

Any idea how to fix it?


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1.2's default style removes them from view if they don't have content (ie, they are zero) except for reports, which sits up there (but only should be red when its > 0).
Hi @King Kovifor , @Mike.
This is what I meant:

If there isn't any report or an issue for the Moderators, just wonder why it's stuck at zero? as, why not to behave like the Inbox that remove the Balloon once it is 0 (no inbox).

Sorry for my English in advanced,
This is most likely why you didn't understood :)


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"Mod Bar" isn't standard in XenForo, so its likely added by an add-on. However, it may also be 1 or 2 things:
  • Styled like that by default, contact the style author
  • An add-on (or style) messed with the moderation bar to a non-standard state.