XF 2.0 Disable Google Adsense Auto-Ads from Private Forum and Conversations

I have placed Google Adsense auto ad code in head section of page_container template.

I don't want ads to appear on private forums and conversations.

How do I do that ?

Incidentally they are not appearing in private forums but I see a blank ad area. Doesn't look good aeshetically.

How do I get rid of this blank space. See screenshot attached.


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Don't use Auto Ads. They stick in ads wherever Google thinks there is space, not where they are going to look good or help yourt forum. On many forums, they just look ugly and spammy.

Just use regular Google Responsive ads. That way you get better control over where they are placed.
i have been looking for this. basically there is one private forum where i do not want the google code added through page_template to appear. just like in your case. i have tried the conditional statements and they are not working for me. so any help would be great.

conditional statement works fine in advertisement manager though. check them here:

Conditional Statements for XenForo 2 | XenForo community

the only option i could find was to move the code away from page_template to container_head section in ad manager.
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