XF 2.2 Disable Admin approval for new accounts?

Tracy Perry

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ACP -> Setup -> Options -> User Registration

Those are where the settings are. If you want open registration, turn off Manual Approval and Enable Email Confirmation. Then anyone, including tons of spammers, can easily join. If you want simply email sent, turn off Manual Approval and check Email Confirmation.

Tracy Perry

Well-known member
How do I change Admin email on forum?
Which "admin" email do you refer. You mean your personal email that you have as an admin?
Do you mean the contact email that the "Contact Us" sends to?
Do you mean the email that the site's emails are sent from?

The latter 2
ACP -> Setup -> Options -> Email Options

There's this handy little thing in the ACP called Search You can find a LOT of stuff in there by searching simple terms... like email. ;)

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