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Determining whether xenForo will suit out needs


Active member
We have a pretty big project in mind and we're thinking of using xenForo as a base framework for our project. This project is made up of many add-on that will port into xenForo. From my understanding that xenForo uses Zend Framework, and so that I will be able to utilize many of the functions for our project. We have about 8 pages, that have in depth information that allow us to use one framework for all of the add-on. We need to figure out whether xenForo will meet our needs.

1) How open is the source code for xenForo? We need to be able to create add-on to port and expand xenForo such as expanding the user table in a database, adding new tables etc. We need to be able to have no restrictions when it comes to our project.

2) From one of the questions in the Pre-sales, my understanding that we can create as many subdomains as we want as long as the xenForo installation is a single install. We plan to have many sub-domains.
3) What sort of limitations may I face if I we're to use their framework?