XF 2.1 Details of merging usernames when little activity


I had a user create a new account accidentally instead of trying to fix their old account via emailing us.

I never approved the old account, and was going to delete the account, but it does have a different email address and similar ip address. We strongly track our users (lots of deception in our industry). I was thinking to merge this virgin account for historical records, but now I'm wondering what is preserved in this situation with no posts? Email is obviously not preserved, and I don't believe IP address is added.

In essence, if there is zero posts/conversations/reactions on an account, is there anything retained when merging? I ask this from a lawyerly perspective of retained data when merging accounts. In the example above, the email is not retained in the front end, but is the old email retained in the SQL database if we ever needed it? Thank you.
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