XF 2.2 Description of what is where?


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As much as I love this software I think in terms of customisation there needs to be some improvement. I try to change fonts, colours and some other elements but to find out what I find where in admin panel and the styles it is easier to just use a custom CSS file. Is there a guide or anything which shows which part of the forums main page is which part in the admin style part? Otherwise I search and try several times and waste a lot of time.


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Ok so it seems I really have to do an own CSS and write it myself since I am not in the mood to guess, where is what?
Is there any main custom CSS I have to use via admin?


extra.css is a good place for that. You can also obviously add your own stylesheet, but depending on the degree of what I need to do, that template handles any style changes quite well.

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There are some videos on youtube.
I know it's not gonna be the answer you are looking for, but maybe some of those videos can point you in the right direction.

But from what I understand, there is no pinpoint diagram of how styling works, etc.
Right-Clicking on something and choosing browser inspect can help you with styling as well.
it's always best to use the built-in customization if you can... ends up with less lines of code that simply won't function if you over-write it in extra.css.

agreed, it's sometimes hard to find things and using the template sass variables can get confusing to pinpoint.
Maybe this will help a bit: https://xenforo.com/docs/xf2/styles/
I was gonna post the help doc also but had to run out of the house to do something lol. Great, advise!

We have a Ton of Developers who create Styles for xenforo.
Would be amazing if one of them was sooo kind, as to give a basic tutorial thread on styling for new members.

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