XF 2.2 What is everyone using for translations?

I've set up a forum for a client that has users in lots of countries, and that country list is growing. The forum is mostly providing support, and it would be nice if users could select to translate a page into their native language automatically.

Currently I'm using Google Translate, per instructions posted here a few years back. It was a simple widget HTML entry and it works even if it requires 2 steps, but as I understand it someday it no longer will, and I (or someone else) will need to code to the Google Translate API to restore that functionality. That's...not my strongest skill set.

Today I learned that Brave translates automatically using LinguaNex, and that there are browser extensions available for most browsers that tie in to LinguaNex. This is great, but lots of the users this forum I'm trying to reach are using smart phones as their only internet access, so the "download brave, or install a free plugin for Chrome or Edge or Firefox" recommendation won't work.

Before I dig further into other solutions, I figured I'd post here and see what y'all are doing. I'm sure someone has run into this before and better understands the available solutions than I do.

Ideally there is a solution that will recognize that the visitor's native language isn't English, and will simply offer to translate the site on the fly. What solutions currently do this, and are the affordable?

My site (even though small) is in English. Any translations are up to the end user to enable, whether by browser or another method.

Expecting a site to support every (or even a small subset) of the languages in existence on our planet is actually an exercise in futility. Target the language of the majority of your audience.
Hi, did you find a solution?
I found some AddOn Vendors, who built AddOns that translate the front end, e.g. via Google Translate and DeepL.
Both seem to work properly.
But my challenges is to find a solution which is GDPR-compliant and, one main requirement for our forum users, that people can search for translations.
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